MiT Systems, established in 1997, is a leading provider of mobile technology solutions for beverage distribution industry that enable our customers to effectively and efficiently manage pre-sales, delivery, merchandising, B2B, logistics and route accounting operations of their business. The company’s suite of enterprise mobility and back office solutions meets the mission-critical needs of the consumer packaged goods industry.

Tell Mark You Found Millennium Information Technology, Inc. in the NBWA Go-to-Guide for Beer Distributors.

MiT Systems designs, develops, markets and supports the most advanced suite of sales, delivery and merchandising solutions in the marketplace today. Highly configurable software modules enable MiT to deliver a custom solution at a packaged price. MiT’s suite of mobile solutions has been tested and certified by AT&T, GS1, Microsoft and Motorola. MiT also offers expandable middleware functionality to supplement back-office operations which can be implemented one module at a time – or as a complete end-to-end package.

MiT Systems has flexible deployment options. Customers can choose traditional software licensing or the software as a service (SaaS) model. Either way, MiT customers have access to reliable, flexible functionality that is easy to deploy and easy-to-use. MiT has also pioneered a cross platform solution - write once, run many™ mobile application that supports 10.1”, 8.0” & 7.0” tablet form factors empowering customer to choose the most optimized form factor, device and OS to meet their mobile worker’s needs.

Whether you are looking for the latest in mobile DSD technology, proven route accounting solutions or innovative web based customer portals to manage your retailer orders, MiT systems can assist by increasing efficiencies and improving your bottom line. For more information please visit us at

♦ Proven enterprise solutions for your mobile workforce
♦ Improve profitability with MiT’s innovative software solutions
♦ Increase efficiencies with MiT’s proven distribution software solutions
♦ Enhance customer service with MiT’s industry leading software solutions
♦ New and innovative solutions designed for the beverage industry
♦ The future of mobile technology is in your handheld with MiT’s latest solutions

Tell Mark You Found Millennium Information Technology, Inc. in the NBWA Go-to-Guide for Beer Distributors.