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K3S is a software research and development company that has been dedicated to creating the most advanced inventory replenishment software in the industry since 1990.

Using our tools for retail and wholesale distribution, our customers have saved billions of dollars in carrying costs on their inventory, raised their fill rates, and dramatically reduced the time it takes them to place orders.

Since opening its doors in1990, K3S has steadily grown to become one of the most well respected software companies in inventory replenishment. Concentrating on retail and wholesale distribution has allowed us to tailor our application to these environments and offer tools to our customers that our competition cannot. In addition, our application can be customized to fit virtually any environment and allows us to tailor our software to fit our customers' needs.

Today, our customers range in size from small wholesale distributors with one warehouse and a few trucks, to billion dollar organizations with distribution centers across North America. Our software has been successful in multiple industries such as: convenience store, tires, pharmaceutical and the beverage industry.