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Draft beer is the most profitable on-premise package offered today; for the retailer the economic, high margin profile of draft beer delivers maximum return-on-investment, it cant be beat!

Draft beer profits play a major role in the overall profitability of a bar or restaurant, it is one of the best products to increase same store sales and increase "the average cost per check."
Promoting draft beer results in added value to every on-premise operator.

Micro Matic USA, Inc.
● Manufactures draft beer equipment and distributes in over 120 countries.
● Industry leader - over 60 years of experience.
● Expanding product line to provide total beverage solutions.

10 Key Elements for Pouring the Perfect Pint
● Keg storage temperature of 38 F in a dedicated walk-in cooler for kegs
● Gas Blender to maintain proper carbonation from first to last glass
● Dedicated gas pressure management for each keg
● All stainless steel contact - the Brewers choice
● Profit Maximizer to reduce pour cost and maximize keg yield
● Power pack performance for continuous beer cooling from keg-to-glass
● Trunk Line to maintain cooling, beer integrity and prevent flavor migration
● Kool-Rite draft beer tower with stainless steel faucets
● Glassware conditioning; because draft beer's package is the glass
● Periodic system cleaning to maintain brewery fresh taste

The Network: Over 45 Certified Installers offering installation and maintenance services to customers throughout the USA.

Dispense Institute: Hands-on training for anyone dedicated to dispensing a quality glass of draft beer. Our four regional warehouses have state-of-art training centers offering practical applications for draft professionals to on-premise operators.

On-Line Resources: Visit for draft beer information 24/7. Our website is the worlds largest devoted to draft beer dispensing shop for equipment, view videos, read articles, get answers to FAQs, and participate in the Beer Forum.

4 Regional Sales/Warehouse/Training Centers: Brooksville, FL; Center Valley, PA; Machesney Park, IL; and Northridge, CA