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About OnTrak Software

OnTrak delivers innovative software solutions to help beer, wine and spirits distributors track, measure and manage point-of-sale (POS) marketing, line cleaning, and tap handle surveying activities.

For more than 10 years, OnTrak has successfully provided software solutions to the beverage alcohol distribution industry. Ten of the Top 20 beer distributors, and three of the Top 10 wine and spirits distributors depend on OnTrak solutions every day. This is no surprise to us since all of our products were developed based on business requirements given to us by both existing and potential customers.

Why OnTrak Software

OnTrak enables sales, marketing, and print shop personnel to closely monitor their investments in POS marketing including: custom printed signage and permanent POS – providing beer wholesalers unmatched cost savings, while also significantly increasing their accountability with suppliers and customers. Using OnTrak, operational and sales personnel are also able to more easily verify draught system compliance and measure tap handle market share.

Industry Challenges

Over the years, we have spoken to thousands of beverage alcohol distributors across the country. We take the time to understand their business and their key areas of concern so that we can present our software solutions in a way that is most meaningful to them. Over our history there has consistently been three areas of distributor focus that while always important, have recently become critically important. We believe that this may be because of increased supplier compliance requirements and the growth of the number of brands sold on tap – creating a highly competitive marketplace. The top three key distributor challenge areas are:

1. Point-of-Sale (POS) Marketing – The tracking and management of the in-house printing of signs and menus; as well as the inventory control of permanent POS.

2. Line Cleaning – The verification of draught system compliance either by suppliers or local standards.

3. Tap Handle Surveying – The gathering of market intelligence to maximize tap presence in a very cluttered market.

How OnTrak Addresses These Challenges

OnTrak offers a portfolio of cost-effective software solutions to address these three key challenges:

– SignTrak - Manages the custom POS signage process - order, production and placement; eliminates reworks and reduces time-to-market; tracks and lowers POS costs and helps prove supplier marketing allowances.

– PermaTrak - Controls permanent POS inventory from receipt, to order, through picking and placement; tracks location, POS costs and retail value; and assists with compliance to local regulations.

– LineTrak - Tracks verification of draught system compliance; provides line cleaning assignments and scheduling with GPS vehicle tracking; monitors general survey question responses. LineTrak includes Tap Handle Survey tools to gather market intelligence and maximize tap presence in restaurants and bars.

Why Choose OnTrak

If you're a beer distributor you need to look at OnTrak Software.

If you believe that taking control of your POS marketing expense is important; or

If you want to certify that your draft lines are cleaned to the standards of your suppliers, customers and local regulations, or

If you want to track and report on your tap handle presence and measure your market share, or

If at the end of the day all you want to do is kick your competitor's butt, take a look at OnTrak!

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