ITW Warehouse Automation offers industry-leading complete warehousing solutions with StorFast s unique high density AS/RS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System) and Vertique s "mixed case" picking and palletization solutions. StorFast cart-based modular system allows flexibility in new or existing facilities, affording the highest pallet storage in the industry per square foot. Our modular design allows for quick installation and easy expansion. Vertique s key to success is our industry proven buffering (vertical and horizontal) solutions coupled with our VPS software. VPS automates case dispensing and tracks productivity as cases stream through the mixing center to our VTP palletizer at an accuracy rate of over 99.9%. Our high level robotic palletizer can change pallet sizes “on the fly” eliminating costly down-time.

From the explosive growth of the world’s major brewers to the rapid increase of micro-brewed beers throughout the world, Vertique has played an integral role in the development of innovative packaging equipment and value-added consumables for the global beer market. From innovative multi-packing and packaging line integration to the development of the GlobalPack, the industry standard in continuous motion, top-load case packing, ITW companies are key partners to breweries large and small.

Consolidation and competition from other alcoholic beverages are further requiring the brewery industry to become more efficient throughout their supply chains. Consumer desire for greater choice and the rapid growth of craft beers have made increased efficiency in the distribution process more difficult.

Vertique offers innovative warehouse solutions that enable beer producers and their distributors to effectively and quickly manage full pallet storage in a space saving configuration, as well as to deliver mixed pallets at over 99% efficiency. Vertique is the world’s leading, most proven automated case picking technology. Storfast, a cart-based Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), allows brewers and distributors to efficiently store and manage full pallet goods.