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eoStar® Route Accounting Software is a comprehensive, Microsoft based solution for the Direct Store Delivery market. It optimizes and streamlines your business by consolidating sales, operations and administration. eoStar integrates key functionality such as WMS, Voice Pick, Forecasts, Surveys, Web Orders, Mobile Sales and Delivery into a single database. This consolidates your information in a centralized location, giving you access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

Founded in 1986, Rutherford and Associates has over 50 employees who work out of their Holland, Michigan facility. From 1986 through 2001, Rutherford designed and delivered its Rutherford SX direct store delivery solution to leading soft drink, dairy, snack food wholesalers, and vending operators across North America.

In 2001, Rutherford began development on eoStar, a comprehensive ERP route accounting software solution that leverages .Net and SQL Server technology from Microsoft and fully integrates key pieces of functionality into a single database. The end result is crystal clear visibility into a modern beverage distribution organization’s KPIs and, ultimately, better efficiency throughout the organization.

Rutherford’s Software, which includes eoStar®, eoTouch®, eoWarehouse®, eoMobile® and eoTablet®, is utilized by some of the most successful modern beverage distribution organizations across North America.

eoStar® is a robust, easy–to-use business management solution. It offers a comprehensive, analytical breakdown of your organization’s performance and streamlines sales and operations.

eoTouch® leverages the features and capabilities of the iOS operating system, eoTouch provides your sales team with up to the minute pricing, promotion, inventory, survey, goal information and service capabilities.

eoWarehouse® is an elegant yet sophisticated warehouse management system. Running on Microsoft Windows based tablets, eoWarehouse allows users to dynamically manage warehouse transactions and inventory.

eoMobile® and eoTablet® are extensions of eoStar that run on both handheld devices and tablets. These tools incorporate pre-sell and survey applications.

eoStarOne® is Rutherford's new cloud based route accounting software specifically designed to accommodate the needs of up and coming beverage distribution operations.

eoStar manages distribution operations for industry-leading distributors nationwide. eoStar streamlines enterprises, and manages more than $1.5 billion in consumer packaged goods, predominately beer and wine, for distributors across North America.